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Lee Hennick

Lee Hennick is a Singer-Songwriter rooted in the Midwest inspired by many divergent voices, from Motown to James Taylor to the Rolling Stones. Lee’s songs take his listeners to stops in the country, through the urban landscape, and occasionally down the road to their pasts. He stirs the soul with his melodic stories. Sometimes sweet and wistful, sometimes fun and funky, always entertaining.

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"Like every other kid growing up in the 60's, I was hooked when I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. In high school, I played in a couple of garage bands covering the Stones, Motown, and even some psychedelic tunes. I gravitated to the singer-songwriter gurus of the early 70’s, James Taylor, Jackson Brown, Todd Rundgren, and Neil Young, etc.

At a small college in Ohio, I met up with a multi-instrumentalist named Bill Purk, together we formed the county rock duo, “Fresh Mountain Spring”, and played throughout western Ohio. Bill taught me everything I never knew about country music and encouraged me to write.

The first performable song I wrote was "Back Where I Come From", which ironically became the title track of my first album 50 years later.

Throughout the 90's and 2000's, I traveled to Nashville often, learning as much as possible about the craft of songwriting, performing at the Bluebird Café numerous times with my songwriting collaborates, and “Accousticats” bandmates Terry Keith and Larry Ramey.

Songs I’ve written or co-written number between two and three hundred.  Some I can’t remember, some I don’t want to remember, but all have furthered my steps along my musical path.

I love being a part of the songwriting community, and as I begin my seventh decade I realize with great joy that I can’t not write songs.  Hearing other songwriters and sharing my music with them and others has made my musical journey an empowering experience.

Music has the power to transform lives;  it can make the old feel young, the sick feel well and the broken-hearted feel heard, and I am blessed to be a part of it."


-Lee Hennick

Playing the Guitar


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